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This friday, at 8 PM, we would like you to join us at the opening of the 15th edition of Lights in Alingsås! We are welcoming you to Åmanska Parken outside of Estrad Alingsås to experience the work of Herbert Cybulska and his team of students.
Discover Lights in Alingsås together with a guide. During the guided tour you will get to know more about the lighting designers, their interpretations of the theme and their thoughts behind the installation.
We're pleased to introduce you to the seven lighting designers who will interpret the music of Norweigan composer Edvard Grieg through lighting design.
The theme for Lights in Alingsås 2014 is the music of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. The place for the meeting between music and lighting design will be the popular and beautiful Nolhaga Park, situated close to the city center of Alingsås. Lights in Alingsås also celebrates its 15th anniversary during 2014.

A light meeting

Lights in Alingsås is an amazing place for meetings. Here, friends meet to hang out and to take a walk while visiting the lighting installations, companies take the opportunity to arrange conferences and lighting designers and other people in the industry get together. Every year 85 000 people visit Lights in Alingsås.

We're welcoming you back in the fall of 2014 to experience the meeting between lighting design and the music of Norweigan composer Edvard Grieg.