Last week saw the end of the Lights in Alingsås festival and the project organizers were pleased to see that the number of visitors exceeded the record by several thousand. 87,622 people walked the light trail this year, compared with about 85,000 each year for the past five years
Lights in Alingsås has received a prestigious quality label and may even win an award as one of the most successful festivals in Europe. - This would naturally be an enormous achievement, says Project Developer Anna Davidsson.
The organisers are proud to announce that different work groups, association partners and independent entities are using PLDC as an occasion to hold meetings, inform the design community about ongoing activities and define the next steps towards their respective goals.
We are happy to announce that we will sell the Little Sun here in Alingsås during the event in October. The Little Sun project invests in safe light and sustainable energy for all. Every Little Sun sold brings Little Suns to an area of the world without electricity at a locally affordable price.

A light meeting

September 30 - November 6  2016

Lights in Alingsås is an amazing place for meetings. Here, friends meet to hang out and to take a walk while visiting the lighting installations, companies take the opportunity to arrange conferences and lighting designers and other people in the industry get together. Every year 85 000 people visit Lights in Alingsås.