The heart of the project

The workshop

22th - 30th of September, 2017.

Lights in Alingsås started 17 years ago. Since then about 90 Professional members have been Workshop Heads in this beautiful little Swedish town, to work with the next generation of lighting designers and other young members of the design community. The Lights in Alingsås event begins with a workshop one week before the exhibition opens to the public. This is when seven international lighting designers gather with some sixty students from all over the world to illuminate selected sites or buildings in the city of Alingsås. Student electricians from the local high school are also involved in the workshop project by assisting the workshop participants throughout the whole week.

The workshop teaches theoretical and practical knowledge in lighting design. The main aim is to have a professional lighting designer guide the participants through the complete lighting design process of an actual full-scale project. The workshop week lasts for seven days and is supported by the industry with cutting-edge lighting equipment. 

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The workshop of Lights in Alingsås 2017 is full and the registration is closed, if you want to participate in the workshop of 2018 please send an email to


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