Jackson Stigwood, Australia

Jackson Stigwood, Australia

Jackson Stigwood is an Australian lighting designer, based in Melbourne.

He is the Co-Founder of A Billion Suns which is an independent lighting design practice. Their motto is “We are passionate about lighting in all its forms and we embrace new technologies.”

As a lighting designer he works with leaders to create progressive architectural and interior spaces within urban and rural environments. A Billion Suns use a design process that understands your aspirations and balances this with real world parameters to deliver tailored and successful lighting solutions.

Having descended from Swedish ancestors, there is a strong desire within him to research, learn and better understand its people, community and culture. Whilst undertaking this process he will bear and encourage fresh vision of Alingsås and seek to find the familiar elements within the urban environment that have slowly become invisible to the community.

Through the workshop of Lights in Alingsås, he will mentor his team in creating and establishing ways in which they can bring new appreciation to these invisible elements through the addition or subtraction of light. Jackson´s vision for the community of Alingsås is to compose a piece in which the past becomes unfamiliarly present for a moment in time.