The winners are chosen in this year’s Instagram competition

Congratulations to Maja Widell, Caroline Långström and Kalle Edlund!

Thanks for this year!

Lights in Alingsås is over for this year and the dismantling has begun.

Instagram contest

Win an iPad in collaboration with Sparbanken Alingsås and Lights in Alingsås.

Twenty light years from Alingsås – a unique photo book

The Lights in Alingsås photo book has just been released! Twenty years after the annual lighting festival was inaugurated, it is time for us to look back. This is the story of the event that put the town of Alingsås on the map, both in Sweden and internationally.

The lighting installations of 2020

In total, twenty-four points of light will be spread around the whole of Alingsås, with the focus on the stretch from Gerdsken via Lillån to Nolhaga, with a few exceptions. It is entirely up to visitors in which order they decide to visit them.

Find the Lights – the theme of Lights in Alingsås 2020

Discover the bright spots in your everyday life As the darkness around us grows, it is important to remember all the bright spots we actually have.