Alingsås Energi present the Lighting Designers of 2023

After receiving an overwhelming amount of interest, the selected group of lighting designers has finally arrived in Alingsås to prepare for the festival’s 24th annual event. Lina Färje, Martina Frattura, Linus Lopez, David Ghatan, Nick Dankers, Sara Altelind och Iris Molendijk were eager to get started as they attended the concept meeting over the weekend.

David Ghatan, one of the workshop heads, expressed his enthusiasm for working with students in a free and positive way to explore the creative possibilities of light. He was thrilled to finally be a part of the collaborative design process and create a new story with his colleagues in a new place.

Similarly, Linus Lopez shared his passion for light in all its forms and his admiration for the dialogues for learning and interaction generated by the Lights in Alingsås workshops.

During the weekend, the designers had the chance to walk along the lighting trail for the first time and select the locations to illuminate this autumn.

The theme for this year’s festival was also introduced, adding to the excitement of the designers. The lighting trail’s route and this year’s theme will be revealed later in the spring, so stay tuned!

Read more about the lighting designers of 2023 here.

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The selection has been finalized

In late March, seven lighting designers from six countries will join us in Alingsås for the Concept Meeting.

Welcome to celebrate the 25th anniversary!

See you October 4 – November 3.