Lighting trail

The trail this year, which is roughly 3 kilometres long, takes visitors from Åmanska parken to Södra Ringgatan and through the pedestrian tunnel to Sörhaga, before crossing the Säve river and Nolhaga park. Nolhaga hill and the Plantaget footbridge are among the spots that will be lit up this year.

There will be hosts in Åmanska parken Monday-Sunday v.39-v.44, evening time starting 1/10 helping visitors with questions. The guided tours starts in Åmanska Parken.


When light is reflected, it spreads, and even changes course. Just like when we reflect on a thought and that thought generates new ideas, dreams, and insights. This year, Lights in Alingsås wants to illuminate the endless possibilities encapsulated in the reflections of 7.9 billion people.

Which is why our theme for 2022 is “Only One Earth. 7.9 Billion Reflections.” A theme that can be interpreted in myriad ways, as it creates space for the unexpected. For who knows where the light or our thoughts will take us when we open for reflections?


This year’s brochure with a map will be available in Swedish and will be distributed around Alingsås in cafés, shops and restaurants in September.
Info-points daytime: Alingsås Energi´s reception, Alingsås Tourist Office and Kulturhuset. Info-points evening time: Grand hotel, Alingsås Tourist Office and Åmanska parken. Download the Lights in Alingsås-app to find out more about the festival in English. Look at the map here.


Every day from 30/9 – 6/11 the installations are lit from dusk to dawn and follow the usual street light´s rhythm. Every day the the installations are programmed to go on “night scene” from kl 24:00-04:00.


To enhance the lighting experience, site 1-6 and Children´s Lights are sounded every day 30/9 – 29/10 from kl 18-22 and 30/10 – 6/11 kl 17-22.


1. The pedestrian tunnel – Kay Flounders, Scotland

2. The labyrinth – Meike Goessling, Germany/Hong Kong

3. The peninsula – Berry van Egten & Ellen Goulmy, the Netherlands

4. Nolhaga hill – Frank Seemann & Michela Bonzi, Switzerland

5. Plantaget bridge – Martina Alagna, England

6. Lugnet – Jonathan Plumpton, USA

Highlight: Plantaget. Barnens Lights/Children´s Lights

There are several additional installations (Highlights – A-E) for you to discover along the way.
Karta 2022Illustration by MILK, 2022


Children´s Lights

Welcome to the Children´s Lights

A small village in the trees..

A small village in the trees was created with the inspiration of 30 wise preschool children who had their say and painted about the importance of feeling welcome.

Design and idea: Malin Wallin
Lighting design: Jan Simon, Alingsås Energi
Music: Kristoffer Wallin och Ola Jansson
Preschool classes from Montessoriskolan Globen och Stadsskogenskolan.
Technical sponsors: JoriMar, Luxlight och Cameo

In collaboration with Alingsås Energi. A warm thank you to Sparbanken Alingsås who also makes Childréns Lights possible!


Barnens 2021Picture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2021.


Guided tours


Every week our guided tours depart from Åmanska Parken, Alingsås. The tour takes about 90 minutes, is about 3 km and our skilled guides will take you through beautiful Alingsås and will give you a deeper insight into the work behind each installation. Maximum number: 30 people/tour. These tours are only available in Swedish.

Ticket release in September via, September 2nd.
All tickets must be purchased at or at Alingsås Tourist Office (on Kungsgatan 14) in good time before the guided tour starts. There is no ticket office in Åmanska parken.

Ticket prices
Adult: 125 SEK*, Pensioner: 105 SEK*, Youth (10-17 years): 95 SEK*, Children (0-9 years): Free. * = Including Billeo’s service fee.

Questions about the festival and the guidad tours daytime
Call Alingsås Tourist Office on tel: +46322-616200. (Open Mon-Wed at kl 10-16 and Thu-Sat kl 10-19 starting 1/10).

Call Alingsås Energi’s customer service on tel: +46322-617617, (button selection # 3). (Open weekdays kl 09: 15-16: 00). Questions sent to will be answered within 1-2 working days.

Questions about the festival and the guidad tours evening time
Hosts are located in Åmanska parken evening time during the festival Mon-Sun v.39-v.44 starting 1/10.

Visit Grand Hotel´s reception on Bankgatan 1 (neighbour with Åmanska parken) for questions about the festival after 4 pm Mon-Sun (30/9-6/11).


Gather colleagues, friends and customers for a pleasant evening together in the spirit of light. Fill in the booking form here on our website and we will get back to you within 2 working days. The tour is available in Swedish and English.

If you have any questions, call Alingsås Energi’s customer service on tel: +46322-617617, (button selection #3). Questions sent to will be answered within 1-2 working days.
Site 5, 2021Picture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2021


The App

Get all info about Lights to your smartphone

Digital guided tour

You can buy your own digital guide for SEK 45 (Andorid) and SEK 55 (iOS) in the Lights in Alingsås app (only available in Swedish). This is perfect for you who want to experience the lighting trail on your own or in a smaller company. You choose your starting point and in which order you want to experience the installations, but we recommend that you follow the marked trail on the map.

Download app

In the app you will find all information about the event, the installations (both in Swedish and in English) easily accessible and digitally. With the help of the, map you can smoothly find all installations, since it shows your exact position.

Download the Lights app on App Store or Google Play



Food, drinks & shopping

Take the opportunity to shop, fika* or eat a warm meal before you go out and discover this year’s installations.

Many shops, cafes and restaurants have extra long opening hours during the festival. 

is a Swedish word, for a social cup of coffee break with a cake or bun. The Swedes loves to fika several times a day, long or short, with colleagues, friends or family.

Offers a wide variety of breads, sweet pastries and sandwiches. Live music in the illuminated courtyard on Tuesdays at 19:00.
Drottninggatan 26
Open: Monday to Saturday v.39-44 at 07-21 and art exhibition by Per Nylén.

Offers the Light’s package with an overnight stay and dinner. Has a specially composed Lights-menu.
Bankgatan 1
Open: every day of the week.

Alingså’s unique lamp and interior design shop with handicrafts directly from Bali.
Färgaregatan 8
Open: The store will be open extra long on some Fridays and Saturdays. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for exact dates and hours

Offers warming soup, hot and cold sandwiches and lots of fika.
Drottninggatan 27
Opening hours: Mon-Wed: kl 10-18, Thurs-Sat: 10-21, Sun: kl 11-21.
(v.44 – Open until kl 21 every day).

Serves ice cream, waffles crêpes, Belgian waffles and galettes.
Lilla Torget 2
Open at good weather. Closed in case of rain. For current opening hours visit the website.

Nygréns café and their lit gardenPicture taken by Taras Ljusdesign, 2016




Dogs are welcome along the route. Remember to always keep your dog on a leash and supervised.

A dog next by the installation from 2019 - Be the LightPicture taken by Sofia Franzén, 2019


Transport & Parking


You can easily travel to Alingsås with train from several cities close by. Search for your best tour with the public transport on Västtrafik’s website.


There is plenty of parking in the city center, free or for a fee. For example: Estrad Alingsås, Storken, Vimpeln, Lilla Torget, Stora Torget and Nolhaga.


The lighting trail starts in Åmanska parken, and it´s also where the guided tours starts.

Åmanska parken is neighbour with Estrad, Kulturhuset and Grand hotel on Bankgatan 1 /Bryggaregatan 2, 441 30 Alingsås

Find your way to Alingsås Energi, organizer:
Alingsås Energi
Södra Strömgatan 6
441 81 Alingsås

Find your way to Alingsås Tourist Office, ticketsale
Alingsås Tourist Office
Kungsgatan 14
44130 Alingsås


Look at the map here.



Find all the public bathrooms during the festival on the map.

Among a few, you´ll find one central public bathroom at Lilla Torget (the red dot). Public toilets close to nature are available in Nolhagaparken.