The 2020 installations are spread arround whole Alingsås with the focus on the stretch from Gerdsken via Lillån to Nolhaga, with a few exceptions.

A different Lights in Alingsås in 2020.
This year we put the light in focus and show how much it means in everyday life through the theme Find the Lights.

New for this year due to Covid-19 is that we do not have a specific trail, guided tours, no light office or green-flashing markers that show the way. This year, we instead invite you to a journey of discovery among 24 spectacular, minimalist, childish, smart and temporary bright spots that all make everyday life brighter. It is entirely up to you in what order you want to discover them. You will find all information about them digitally in the Lights in Alingsås app.

Among other things, the aim is to display the permanent lighting installations which Alingsås already has, and which Alingsås Energi has given the town over the last twenty years. It is about using lasting lighting, which increases security for the town’s citizens, and which also encourages them to get out on pathways, parks, bridges and tunnels.


This year’s brochure is available in paper in Swedish and is distributed around Alingsås in cafés, shops and restaurants. They are also available at the Grand Hotel, the Tourist Office, Kulturhuset and in Alingsås Energi’s reception. A digital map can be found here: Karta


The installations are lit from dusk to dawn and follow the usual street light´s rhythm every day from 1/10 – 1/11. However, installation no. 8 – “Floating Universe” lights up every day between kl 17-23.


To enhance the lighting experience, some of this year’s installations are sounded every day from 1/10 – 1/11, kl 17-22.


1.Lugnet, 2. Museiparken, 3. Nolhaga Entré, 4. Järtas Park, 5. Jubileumsinstallationen, 6. Ballerina på lina, 7. Christinae Kyrka, 8. Flytande universum, Gerdsken, 9. Elden, Lilla Torget, 10. Gasverksbron, 11. Färgeribron, 12. Fontänen, Lillån, 13. Barnens Lights, Plantaget,14. Pixel Highlights, Lillån, 15. Stjärnvägg, Gerdskastigen, 16. Plantagets Lekplats, 17. Rådhuset, 18. Brogårdspassagen, 19. Norra Ringgatans allé, 20. Lekplatsen Nolhaga, 21. Utbyggnad av Nolhaga Lekplats, 22. Park Decum, Stadsskogen, 23. Gång -och cykeltunnel Plantaget, 24. Åmanska Parken.


In this Story Map you get a greater insight into the lighting area and can read more about this year’s installations (in Swedish) .
PURPLE NUMBERS = Temporary lighting installations. Created by local, Swedish lighting designers, some also by Alingsås Energi. Look for surprises along the way!

YELLOW NUMBERS = New permanent lighting installations. Two older bridges have received new lighting. Both installations will highlight the site’s historical perspective.

RED NUMBERS = Permanent lighting installations. Already in Alingsås since before. The effect lighting increases the security for the city’s residents and the desire to get out and move. Available on bridges, in tunnels, on sidewalks, on facades and in parks.


Children´s Lights

Welcome to the Children´s Lights – Rosa himmel

A recurring feature during Lights in Alingsås is the installation Children´s Lights – an interactive and exciting installation that has many surprises. This year, Children´s Lights is housed in Plantaget as no. 13 on the Lights in Alingsås-map.

Two years ago, Malin Wallin found a piece of sky had landed at Plantaget! This year she wants to change things and instead lift us up among the clouds on one of those magical evenings when the sky is pink and an air balloon hovers silently above. This balloon is filled with all the colours of the rainbow, which symbolise diversity, respect and tolerance.

“I hope the place will encourage kindness and reflection, where we can meet both ourselves and others. Our world faces an uncertain future and one of the most important things to have if we are to save ourselves, each other, and the world, is a respect for all forms of life. We also need to respect that we all have the same right to be ourselves,” says Malin Wallin.

A warm thank you to Sparbanken Alingsås who makes Childréns Lights possible!

Barnens LightsPicture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2020.

Concept, texts and design: Malin Wallin. Music: David Lindvall, Jonathan Johansson. Music production: Ola W Jansson, Kristoffer Wallin. Song: Annie Lindroos och Vilja Wallin. Shared thoughts on the clouds and in the music: Young people 11-20 years. Lighting: Alingsås Energi.


The App

Download your own guide in your smartphone.

You can buy your own digital guide for SEK 35 through the Lights in Alingsås app (only available in Swedish). This is perfect for you who want to experience the trail on your own or in a smaller company.

In the app you will find all information about the event, the installations (both in Swedish and in English) easily accessible and digitally. With the help of the, map you can smoothly find all installations, since it shows your exact position.

Download the Lights app on App Store or Google Play

Lights-appenFor the app to work, you need a phone that is newer than iPhone 4 & 5 and Android 8.0.


Guided tours

Enhance your lighting experience with a guided tour

The alternative we offer this year is that you through the app Lights in Alingsås can buy your own digital guide for SEK 35 (only available in Swedish). This is perfect for you who want to experience the light and the installations on your own or in a smaller group. You choose your starting point and in which order you want to experience and read about the lighting installations (both in Swedish and in English) .
Download the Lights app on App Store or Google Play.

Show consideration, keep your distance and take care of each other out there!

People walking the lighting trailPicture taken by Lisa Larsson, 2019


Food, drinks & shopping

Take the opportunity to shop, have coffee or eat a piece of food before you go out and discover this year’s installations.

On October 29, many shops and cafés in Alingsås will have extended opening hours during Light Night Shopping. Read more here.

Grand Hotel Alingsås, Bankgatan 1
Has nice accommodation packages under Lights and a specially composed Lights menu. Read more on their website.

MY living room, Balibutiken in Alingsås, Färgaregatan 8
Alingsås unique lamp and interior design shop with crafts directly from Bali! Will have extended opening hours October 10 kl 18-21 and some other Fridays and Saturdays. Read more on Facbook/Instagram.

Nygréns café, Drottninggatan 27
Everything is baked in their own bakery. Bread and pastries are made from the finest ingredients, mostly organic. Open weekdays 10-18, Sat 10-16, Sun 11-16. Open until kl 20 October 29. Read more on their website.

Triumf Glasscafé, Lilla Torget 2
Here you warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, eat a good Soup, Panini or maybe a Galette. Will have its own lighting installation outside the café in October Opening hours:  Mon closed, Tue -Thu 12-19, Fri- Sun 12-20. The opening hours may vary depending on the weather. Read more on their website.

Nolbygårds Ekobageri & Kafé, Ängsvaktareg 19
Nolbygård is passionate about ecology and sustainability and therefore works towards being 100% organic. They can proudly display the highest KRAV label with as many as 3 labels. In the bakery, everything is baked from scratch. Soup lunches every weekday. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-15, Sun Closed. Read more on their website.

Ekstedts Bageri, Drottninggatan 26
Throughout October, the bakery’s courtyard is heated and illuminated in the evenings, in true Lights spirit. Open Mon-Sat 07-21. Read more on their website.

Gårdscaféet – Café, Bistro, Bar, Kungsgatan 26
Has warm food and fika that suits everyone in the party. Open every day during Lights Mon-Sat 09-22, Sun 12-22. Read more on Facebook.

Balders Hage, Drottninggatan 25
Here you will find inspiration and various goods such as crockery, kitchenware, hooks and knobs, toys, tea, sweets, textiles, kerosene lamps, etc. Opening hours: Mon-Fri. 10.00-18.00, Sat. 10.00-15-00. October 29 open until kl 20. Read more on their website.

Deli Deli, Nygatan 11
Offers both coffee/fika, lunch and dinner with good drinks during Lights. Opening hours: Mon-Tue 10: 30-22, Wed-Thurs 10: 30-23, Fri-Sat 10: 30-late. Closed on Sundays. Read more on their website.

Nolhaga castle café, Nolhaga Allé 14
In addition to InfoPoint and exhibitions, Nolhaga Castle also has a nice café on the entrance level. Here you can munch on cinnamon buns and pastries from local cafes that deliver fresh pastries every week. In connection with coffee, you can take part in the exhibition Gustaf Tenggren, who drew for Disney’s many characters. Opening hours Friday and Saturday in October at 11-20 all other days at 11-16. Read more on their website.

Restaurant Sjöö, Gerdskastrand 25
Just outside the restaurant, in lake Gerdsken, is the lighting installation “Floating Universe” which can be seen from all windows. All food is spiced with lake views and in October they have a special Lights dish – a well-cooked boeuf bourguignon. Open from lunch time until late. Read more on their website.Nygréns café and their lit gardenPicture taken by Taras Ljusdesign, 2016




Dogs are welcome along the route. Remember to always keep your dog on a leash and supervised.

A dog next by the installation from 2019 - Be the LightPicture taken by Sofia Franzén, 2019


Transport & Parking


There is plenty of parking in the city center. For example: Estrad Alingsås, Storken, Vimpeln, Lilla Torget and Stora Torget.


You can easely travel to Alingsås with train from Gothenburg Centralstation. The train leaves about 2 times per hour from platform 1 or 2. If you want to visit Alingsås by buss, search for the best tour on Västtrafik’s website.


Example of a central point to begin your journey of discovery (the red dot). This year, you choose in which order you want to see the installations:

Åmanska Parken
441 30 Alingsås

Alingsås Energi
Södra Strömgatan 6
441 81 Alingsås


Download our app: Lights in Alingsås to find this year´s installations easily and digitally. You´ll also find it here: Map.



Find all the public bathrooms during the festival on the map.

Among a few, you´ll find one central public bathroom at Lilla Torget (the red dot).