THEME – The magical world of mythology

It’s all about stories. About the mysterious and ever-present. About beings, magic, and gods, but also about the warm, enveloping, and welcoming. Something dreamlike, a bit like stepping into another world. Imaginative but still real. Not just what you see, but also everything you feel. The bright, the dark, and all imaginable shades in between. Welcome to the magical world of mythology.


The workshop participants will create light installations on the theme of mythology and captivate the visitors with their stories about beings, magic and gods or other fairy tales. The route starts in Åmanska parken, then follows along Lillån and towards Lugnet. The trail then leads into Plantaget and via Nyebrogatan further onto the sidewalk next to the cemetery. From Brunnsparken to the avenue, and finally Kungsgatan to end at Stora Torget.

The walk is 2,7 km long and offers more surprises along the way. Visitors can discover the installations through a guided tour, digitally with an audio guide in the app, or on their own.


This year’s brochure with the map will be available in Swedish in September and will be distributed around Alingsås in cafés, shops and restaurants. They are also available at Alingsås Energi´s reception, Alingsås Tourist Office, Grand Hotel and in Kulturhuset.

Download the Lights in Alingsås-app to find out more about the festival in English.


Every day from 4/10 – 3/11 the installations are lit from dusk to dawn and follow the usual street light´s rhythm. Every day the installations are programmed to go on “night scene” from ca kl 24:00-05:00.


To enhance the lighting experience, site 1-6, Children´s Lights and some of the Highlights are sounded every day 4/10-6/10 from kl 18-22 and 27/10–3/11 kl 17-22.


1. Lillån – Johan Röklander, based in Sweden
2. Pumphuset – Valerie Insardi, based in USA
3. Udden – George Fatseas, based in Greece
4. Muren – Emma Cogswell, based in UK
5. Brunnsparken – Chayot Kiranantawat, based in Singapore
6. Allén – Jasmina Memić & Srdja Hrisafovic, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina

More surprises will occur along the way.
Karta 2024
Graphic design: Snurr Kommunikation, 2024.

Remember to download the Lights in Alingsås-app to read more about each installation.


Children´s Lights

Welcome to the Children´s Lights 2023!

This year, Children´s Lights will take place in Järtas park. It will be the designer and drama teacher Malin Wallin who will once again be given the task of interpreting this year’s theme and creating a light installation that attracts imagination and reflection.

Idea/design: Malin Wallin. In collaboration with Snickeribyrån.
Sound/Music: Kristoffer Wallin and Ola Jansson

Technical support/Lighting design: Jan Simon

In collaboration with Alingsås Energi. A warm thank you to Sparbanken Alingsås who also makes Childréns Lights possible!

Guiding Wings

“I believe there are tales whose primary purpose is to remind us of the magic beyond our reason.
I believe that one person’s light can be what dispels another’s deepest darkness.
I believe in wings that can lift the heaviest burden from our hearts.
I believe that a few rays can become a sun together.
Let’s call it hope”.

Barnens Lights 2023Picture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2023.


Guided tours


Our guided tours starts in Åmanska parken, Alingsås and are available almost every day. The tour takes about 90 minutes, is 2,7 km and our guides will take you through beautiful Alingsås and give you deeper insight into the concept behind each installation. Maximum number: 30 people/tour. These tours are only available in Swedish.

Ticket release in September via Billetto, September 6
All tickets must be purchased at or at Alingsås Tourist Office (on Kungsgatan 14) in good time before the guided tour starts.

Ticket prices
Adult: 140 SEK*, Pensioner: 110 SEK*, Youth (10-17 years): 100 SEK*, Children (0-9 years): Free. * = Including Billeo’s service fee.


Gather colleagues, friends and customers for a pleasant evening together in the spirit of light. Fill in the booking form here on our website and we will get back to you within 2 working days. These tours are available in Swedish or English.

If you have any questions, call Alingsås Energi’s customer service on tel: +46322-617617, (button selection 5, “övriga frågor”). Questions sent to will be answered within 2 working days.Pixelate Åmansak ParkenPicture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2022.


The App

Get all info about Lights to your smartphone

Download the app

The app is free and provides comprehensive information about the event and its installations, available in Swedish or English. Easily accessible digitally, the app allows you to navigate through the event with a digital map, ensuring a smooth experience as it displays your exact position. Make sure to enable your location feature before use. Download the Lights app on App Store or Google Play

Digital guided tour (audio-guide)

Purchase your own digital guide (audio-guide), available in Swedish or English, for ca SEK 55 in the Lights in Alingsås app. This option is ideal for those who wish to explore the lighting trail independently or in a smaller group. You have the flexibility to choose your starting point and the order in which you experience the installations, although we recommend following the marked trail on the map.

Don´t forget to update the app for 2024 if you already have it downloaded from previous years.

AppenPicture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2023.


Food, drinks & shopping

Take the opportunity to shop, fika* or eat a warm meal before you go out and discover this year’s installations.

is a Swedish word, for a social cup of coffee break with a cake or bun. The Swedes loves to fika several times a day, long or short, with colleagues, friends or family.

This page will be updated further on.

NygrensPicture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2023.




Dogs are welcome along the route. Remember to always keep your dog on a leash and supervised.

Rullator site 3Picture taken by Patrik Gunnar Helin, 2022.


Transport & Parking


You can easily travel to Alingsås with train from several cities close by. Search for your best tour with the public transport on Västtrafik’s website.


There is plenty of parking in the city center, free or for a fee. For example: Estrad Alingsås, Storken, Vimpeln, Lilla Torget, Stora Torget and Nolhaga.


The lighting trail and the guided tours starts in Åmanska parken (the red dot). Åmanska parken is neighbour with Estrad, Kulturhuset and Grand Hotel on Bankgatan 1 /Bryggaregatan 2, 441 30 Alingsås

Find your way to Alingsås Tourist Office, ticketsale:
Alingsås Tourist Office
Kungsgatan 14
44130 Alingsås

Find your way to Alingsås Energi, organizer:
Alingsås Energi
Södra Strömgatan 6
441 81 Alingsås



Find all the public bathrooms during the festival on the map.

Among a few, you´ll find one central public bathroom at Lilla Torget (the red dot). Public toilets close to nature are available in Nolhagaparken.