Vladan Paunovic and Juha Hälikkä – Denmark/Finland

Vladan Paunovic and Juha Hälikkä – Denmark/Finland

Vladan and Juha is one of this year´s three teams, both working at Ramboll Architectural Lighting Design in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company with several offices around the globe.

Vladan is the Architectural Lighting Designer. He is a specialist in design, management and consulting on projects with daylight and artificial light.

Between 2005-2007 he studied Architectural Lighting Design (MA) at the University of Wismar in Germany.

His portfolio includes: tailored lighting solutions for education, healthcare, offices, daylight consultancy as well as lighting design urban areas in public and private realm and lighting master plans for city districts. Vladan is responsible for several Ramboll’s award-winning projects.

Juha is the Project Manager of Architectural Lighting and he has worked the past ten years as a lighting specialist in the Ramboll Landscape Architect department. He is the product manager of Ramboll Light Studio Finland. Juha’s areas of responsible are developing design methods, and light designing processes as a whole. Light Studio is the team specialized architectural lighting. Juha has about 18 years of experience of wide variety of lighting projects, both indoors and outdoors.

In the past Vladan and Juha completed several temporary light installations. Vladan was a Workshop Head in Alingsås in 2011 and made “The Pond – Brunnsparken” with his team and Juha is a co-author of a current lighting installation called H2.0 at the on-going festival Lux Helsinki 2019.Since they have accumulated solid portions of knowledge and experience, they believe that together they can deliver an artwork that Lights in Alingsås can be proud of.