The heart of the project is the workshop. Only the theme and the lighting trail are determined in advance by Alingsås Energi. The workshop lasts for one week and the lighting designers and the students work together day and night. No one knows what the final result will be until the grand opening. Thereafter, the installations can be seen for five weeks throughout October.


In 1998, students from Ljuscentrum at the University of Gothenburg came to Alingsås to experiment with architectural lighting in public spaces. The following year they did the same thing and were joined by students from Jönköping University. It was a success for both the residents of Alingsås and the students. The municipality of Alingsås therefore entered into an agreement with the Professional Lighting Designers Association (PLDA) in 2000. Since 2018, Alingsås Energi is the owner of the project and collaborates with International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) that connects Alingsås Energi with lighting designers around the world.


Lights is a much appreciated lighting design event by visitors, designers and students.
It has become a matter of course for many who study lighting design and architecture to participate in the workshop and see it as a part of the their education. In the lighting design industry it is even common to ask each other “Have you done Lights?”. And the one who once visited the event and participated in the workshop is happy to do so again. So the question is, have you done Lights?


Lights has become a world-class lighting design event that many people want to participate in. Internationally active designers apply to become Workshop heads and to lead a group of international students, that also apply to be part of the workshop. They get valuable “hands on” experiences of lighting design and the creation of the installations, which can otherwise be difficult to obtain. The workshop week itself is intensive and starts with lectures and presentations. Then sketches and prototypes are made. They are tested, discussions are held and reports are made. Finally, the finished installations are displayed. The workshop offers a wide range of theory and practice.


Immediately after the opening ceremony, the exhibition begins. For five weeks, the installations are up and running and Alingsås is filled with visitors every night in October who want to walk the light trail, on their own or with a guided tour. Cafes and restaurants have extra opening hours, shops organize shopping events and associations and companies arrange events for their customers. Running races, exhibitions and concerts are other activities that are added each year. 2020 was slightly different, due to the current pandemic.


Follow Lights for a whole year and discover all the steps that takes us to those five magic autumn weeks.




Designers apply to be part of Lights in Alingsås as Workshop Heads.




The project group determines where the lightng trail should go and what theme should be.




The designers get selected.




All designers arrive to a first meeting in Alingsås where they go the lighting trail and get to be familiar with the theme. The first concept ideas are developed.




Students send their applications.




The designers make sketches and submit requests to Alingsås Energi for equipment that is needed for their installations. Alingsås Energi tries to match these requests and have a dialogue with the sponsors.




All students and designers meet for the first time during the workshop week to build and create the installations together.




During five weeks, the installations are up. During this time, the visitors can walk with a guide along the trail, attend lectures and various events.


Prizes & rewards

1st place in [d]arc awards


Alingsås Energi was awarded first prize for 2022’s best lighting design event at the [d]arc awards ceremony in London on Thursday 30 March, beating out numerous international events. With 12 contributions in total in the category, from the UK, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Sweden, USA and others.

Shared 4th place in [d]arc awards


After two years of waiting, the lighting design industry finally got to meet again during the [d] arc awards in London on 31 March. The winners were announced in five categories and Lights in Alingsås came in an honorable shared fourth place in the Event category. With 12 contributions in total in the category, from the UK, Russia, Dubai and others. Finally, Lumiere Durham, UK, won this year's best lighting design event.

2nd place in [d]arc awards


Lights in Alingsås came in an honorable second place in the prestigious lighting design competition [d] arc awards in the category Event 2020. The gala, which was to have been arranged in December, was moved forward a few months and finally broadcast digitally from London on April 29, 2021. It was tough competition and 16 nominated entries in the category in total. The first price went to the Acropolis Lights Launch Event (2020), Greece and the third winner was Lumiere (2019), UK.

3rd place in [d]arc awards


On December 5, during [d] arc night in Dalston, London, Lights in Alingsås 2019 was named the third best event of the year in the Event category - in the prestigious lighting design competition [d] arc awards, which the magazine arc magazine organizes annually. The category includes temporary events or temporary collection of installations where the main means of expression is light. Only established lighting designers and lighting artists were allowed to vote on the entries. Among fierce competition and 12 entries from UK, Spain and Germany, Lights in Alingsås finally came on a third place.



Årets förtjänstpris (The Grand Merit Prize) is awarded to a person or organization that has worked for the benefit of Swedish lighting for a long time, in research, education, design or general lighting issues. It can also go to someone who has successfully pursued an individual issue for the benefit of Swedish lighting. The prize was awarded during "Ljusdagen" in Stockholm on 9 September 2014, a trade day for the lighting industry and which is arranged by the organization Belysningsbranschen. ".... This year the jury has chosen to pay attention for the first time to a recipient who is not a natural person. This is completely in accordance with the regulations for the merit prize. The jury is therefore pleased to present Alingsås municipality and its institution Lights in Alingsås as recipients of Bertil and Britt Svensson's Foundation's Grand Merit Award 2014. "


2009, 2011

Stora Turismpriset (The Grand Tourism Prize) is awarded annually to actors who have promoted and developed Swedish tourism, by the Foundation for the Promotion of Knowledge in Tourism with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth as its principal. The foundation collaborates on nomination and dividends with the Travel and Tourism Industry in Sweden (RTS). The jury's motivation: “Lights in Alingsås is Europe's largest event for experimental lighting, which annually attracts around 70,000 visitors. The initiative engages the business community, the hospitality industry, the university and international partners. Lights in Alingsås is a unique lighting event that has received attention with several international awards, which has greatly contributed to the development of Swedish tourism. ”

THE AWARD AT LARGE: Professional Lighting Designers Convention


Nearly 1,000 lighting designers and other active people in the lighting design industry, from around 50 different countries, gathered on October 29, 2007 during the International Lighting Designers Convention in London. Representatives from Alingsås municipality were present, and to bring home to Sweden, they received perhaps the finest award in the world of lighting design - The award at large. The jury's motivation: "For having created a place for experimental lighting design and for its impact on Swedish lighting design."

“Årets marknadsförare”


Motivation of the jury: "Lights i Alingsås has attracted attention in the national and international press, by designers, architects, and more, and the event has grown into a really good marketing for Alingsås, to the delight of Alingsås residents and visitors." - The marketing association in Alingsås MIA.

“Årets stadsjoker”


At a ceremony on April 4, 2001 in the congress hall in Linköping, Alingsås municipality received the award for the most exciting event in a Swedish city in recent years. The jury's motivation was: "We wanted to support this project with public lighting design, whose purpose is to both teach and create an understanding of public lighting and its significance for human well-being." It is the association "Förnya Stadskärnan" who has taken the initiative for the award. The check of SEK 10,000 was sponsored by the organisation Swedish Trade.



The local marketing organization in Alingsås awarded the Lights i Alingsås project an honorable mention at the 2001 award ceremony in Nolhagahallen. The jury's motivation was: "The Alingsås brand has been strengthened in Sweden and Europe, for a few weeks in October, Alingsås became a global meeting place for lighting designers ..... the installations attracted tens of thousands of visitors to Alingsås to be inspired by the light."