Please read the following information carefully before submitting your registration at the bottom of this page.

The workshop week begins at 9.00 am on Saturday, September 19 and ends at 3pm on Saturday, September 26. All participants must be present for the entire duration.

We recommend you to arrive in Alingsås on Friday, September 18 to ensure that you will be on time for the first meeting on Saturday morning. The workshop starts with a two-day session of seminars held by lighting designers, university professors and other people of interest. The purpose is to bring in more theory in the workshop process.

Your application is binding. Cancellation is only possible if the participant can provide evidence or give specific reasons that show the cancellation is beyond the participant’s control. In the latter case up to one month before the workshop week 75% of workshop fee and accommodation costs will be refunded. Since places for the workshop are in high demand and the number of participants is limited, we reserve the right to approve the applications.

All fees must be paid before arrival.

Given the irregular working hours during the workshop, it is of the utmost importance and thus one of the conditions for participation in the workshop, that all participants be resident in Alingsås during the given period.

Practical information and an invoice will be emailed to you on receipt of your registration to participate in the workshop.

For questions or more information, please contact:


All prices include. VAT.

Workshop fee for students: 3700 SEK (Student ID required).

Workshop fee for professionals (non-students): 6500 SEK.

Workshop fee if you are a confirmed scholarship-student by Alingsås Energi: 0 SEK


Day 1; September 19: Lunch and evening meal

Day 2; September 20: Lunch

Day 3-6; September 21-24: Lunch

Day 7; September 25: Lunch, grand opening and ”get-together” party with buffet dinner

Day 8; September 26: Small lunch

Maps, jackets, conference fee and workshop certificate


For alternative ways of accommodation contact


Before choosing the option “confirmed scholarship student” in the form below, you must have sent a scholarship application to Alingsås Energi not later than June 1. Once you have received a confirmation that you are receiving a scholarship, you can choose this alternative.