Erin Slaviero – United Arab Emirates

Erin Slaviero – United Arab Emirates

Erin is an Australian lighting designer living in Dubai. She works at Nulty – Lighting Design Consultants and have been a lighting designer since 2012, working on diverse projects in retail, hospitality, civic, commercial, residential and public realm across Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to her professional experience, she was a part of one of the youngest independent design teams in Vivid Festival 2015 and 2016, creating two IES award winning installations.

In 2017 she was awarded as one of Lighting Magazine’s ’40 Under Forty’ Lighting Designers of the year.

Erin thinks that working out the details of a lighting scheme, is like solving a good puzzle. She believes by being a Workshop Head she can use her leadership and puzzle-master-skills to bring out the best in the participating students and realise their unconventional and sometimes whimsical ideas.

When Erin studied her Masters of Lighting Design, she thought that on site mock-ups and experimenting is the best and most enjoyable way to learn and develop ideas. It is a great way to problem solve under a real-life brief and deadline.

Whilst not only teaching and passing on knowledge, learning from the creativity of the students under the challenges they will face together as a design team, is a perfect opportunity for personal development.