Jim Farula - Sweden

Jim Farula - Sweden

Jim has over 30 years of experience working with lighting in all its forms - Event, Music, Theatre and with an Architectural point of view.

It all started when he studied Environmental Design and Architecture at Suny Oswego University and Cornell University 1977-1982 in NY, USA.

Today he works at the company Informationsteknik in Stockholm, Sweden as a Lighting Designer. The company is one of Sweden's leading suppliers of customized solutions of audio, lighting and image technology.

During the years Jim has worked with different projects in Sweden, with the design and the commissioning of Kaknästorget, Tekniska Museet and Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm. He is currently re-programming Mall of Scandinavia in Solna, Sweden.

Jim has been in Alingsås several times before and have been part of the Lights in Alingsås workshop over the years as a programmer. Jim is looking forward having a different role this year- To be a Workshop Head and to lead a group of students on his own. Together they will fulfill Jim´s vision into an installation and he´s looking forward of beginning the work on his site.