Cecilia Cronelid and Johanna Enger - Sweden

Cecilia Cronelid and Johanna Enger - Sweden

Cecilia has her own company called Building Pieces AB, where she works within Interior and Lighting design, teaching art and design.

Since 2018 Cecilia is holding courses within colour and light for the IA students at Konstfack, University of Art, Crafts and Design, Sweden. As a part time teacher, Cecilia loves to meet different students of different background and loves to involve them in their creativity and own thinking. Cecilia thinks it´s very interesting to see how the students can create that emotion together in small groups with limited time and materials. By using light as a way of making the scenography and using the light as another dimension of creating spaces and emotions.

Cecilia was one of the participating students of Light in Alingsås 2013 and had Ann Bureau as her Workshop Head. Together they did the installation “The Angel - Stadskyrkogården”. Cecilia completed her Architectural Lighting Design, Master of Science (MSC), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm in 2014.

Johanna Enger completed her Architectural Lighting Design MSc, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm in 2010 and has studied and worked with design for the most part of her adult life. For example, she is the founder and designer of Lightmill AB, she is a member of the jury of Swedish Lighting Award and she is a teacher/lecturer at various design and architecture schools such as: University of arts, crafts&design Stockholm, Lund University, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Academy of Design and Crafts Gothenburg. She also participated as a student in Lights in Alingsås workshop, but in 2008. Her Workshops Heads was Lotta Löfgren and Karloina Hahn. Together they did the installation at the paring lot, called Hill (Parkingshuset Hill).

She has explored and developed the combined knowledge area of light, colour and visual perception in spatial context in various projects. In the coming year, she will finish her PhD in Environmental Psychology/Lighting design at Lund University, Sweden.

Cecilia and Johanna have a great experience of teaching and they are ready to lead a group of students together as Workshop Heads this fall.