Interact Light play – You can be the lighting designer

Now you can download an app called “Interact Light play” and control the light on your own on the installation that can be seen at Alingsås Energi´s Pumphus and Momenti bridge, also called “Site-Luke”. It is not included in the Lights-folder, but is one of this year’s Highlights – an extra happening on the lighting trail.

The app is available where apps are located and will be available by scanning the QR code that is in located at the installation. Tell us what you think by leaving feedback in the app.

Designer is Luke Farula.

Sponsor of this installation is Signify.


Download the app

– Select ”paradisebron” in the app.
– Book a timeslot
– Go in the waiting room when it’s available
– When you time slot has arrived:

  • Select scene (it will become a bit bigger when selected)
  • Select play (it takes 20 sec and than the scene will change.
  • Take a picture if you like.

– Only 3 scenes can be selected beacuse your time slot is only 3 min.
– After the slot ypu can give feedback in the app

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