This is the lighting trail of 2019

From Alingsås town centre out into the nature

The route of the lighting trail for the 2019 edition has been finalized and will run through Nolhaga. This is a route popular with both visitors and Alingsås residents alike. The last time it was used was in 2014 when the theme was “Peer Gynt.” This year’s theme is “Be the Light,” and is about how we can all help make the world a brighter place for our fellow men and women.

The light trail is a little longer than usual this year, starting in Åmanska Parken and proceeding along Hälsostigen in Nolhaga. Previous visitors will find some familiar and some new illuminated areas.

– As this is the twentieth time Alingsås Light Festival has been held, there will be some little extras to look forward to along the light trail, but I can’t reveal more just yet, says Workshop Manager Margaretha Stenmark.

– One positive piece of news is that this year the Ljusexpressen (the little train for visitors) is back, says Event Manager Angelica Larsson. Last year the trail wasn’t suitable for the train and we know that our visitors missed it. It feels great that it’s back in Alingsås again. We want as many people as possible to see the light installations and the Ljusexpressen is perfect for visitors with tired legs.

In mid-March this year the lighting designers were able to choose the sites in Nolhaga that they wanted to illuminate in the autumn. It wasn’t a simple decision as several of them wanted to work with the same places. They had to go round the light trail a second time before they could finally decide.

– I always look forward to seeing the final result of the installations and the visitors’ responses. The ideas of the lighting designers this year are bound to produce positive results. One of them, installation 7, will be created by a Swedish designer, Jim Farula. He calls it ”The Mother Tree” and is inspired by the fact that all trees form a network, communicating with each other through their roots, says Margaretha Stenmark.

The installations in order:

1. The Energy Hill – Vladan Paunovic & Juha Hälikää, Denmark & Finland

2. The Eye – Claire Tomara & Natalie Redford, Scottland

3. The Grove – Jackson Stigwood, Australia

4. The Pond Köllera – Erin Slaviero, United Arab Emirates

5. The Castle Avenue – Kapil Surlakar, India

6. The Source – Johanna Enger & Cecilia Cronelid, Sweden

7. The Mother Tree – Jim Farula, Sweden

Highlight. Barnens Lights – Malin Wallin, Sweden

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