Thanks for this year!

A big thank you to this year’s visitors, sponsors, partners, coworkers, participating students and designers! Without you, Lights wouldn´t be possible!

It was a different year and a different Lights-edition. There were more visitors than we ever could have hoped for. Friends and families hanging out outdoors at a distance in the sign of light with happy smiles. Now 4.5 weeks have passed since the premiere on October 1 and Lights in Alingsås is over for this year. The dismantling began in the morning of November 2 and continues during week 45 in several stages.

What did you think as a visitor was positive about this year’s edition and what can be developed? Feel free to write an email to lights@alingsasenergi.se and Alingsås Energi as organizer will take the feedback in to concideration in the planning for next year.

Thank you!

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The winners are chosen in this year’s Instagram competition

Congratulations to Maja Widell, Caroline Långström and Kalle Edlund!

Thanks for this year!

Lights in Alingsås is over for this year and the dismantling has begun.